Northern Hungarian Village

Szerző: 2014. december 23.

The new geographical region displays the traditional folk style of construction and lifestyle in the area between the Ipoly and Hernád rivers. It will feature 11 residential houses, 30 adjacent buildings and nearly 5000 original articles. The North-Hungarian Village will be located near the Upland Market Town, completing the greater region’s image.

Special features
Gentry residential house from Nemesradnót
The house of this regional unit is not a reconstruction, but rather an original will be presented in the Skanzen. The delivery of the house will take place in several bits and rounds. Our experts will mount and furnish it on spot with a 19th century interior. This North-Hungarian village was the birthplace of Miklós Radnóti’s father and according to literature historians it formed the basis for the poet’s choice of a new family name.

Cave residences
A characteristic building of the villages in the Northern Hungary region where the cave flats carved into the hillsides and clay ridges which provided shelter mainly for the poor. These homes could be heated in wintertime while they remained cool in summer, and although were far from being luxurious, they meant a reasonable solution for housing needs. The cave residences in this region are exciting examples of the creativity and wit of folk architecture.
Good news for our wintertime visitors is that we keep a fixed temperature in the various buildings of this region, thus they can be visited throughout the entire year. Moreover, we also prepare some special winter programmes.

northern hungarian village open air exhibition

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