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Hungarian Open Air Museum covers 60 hectares with 312 different buildings arranged in 8 regional units. For the comfortable transport, Skanzen train goes from the Entrance building to the Study Collection and back. It runs every hours on the 2,2km long road and has five stops from witch all the regional units are easy to reach. You can buy your ticket online and avoid the queue.

Season's opening hours   

(1 April - 5 November,

11-12 November 2017)

 Type Price 
 Entry fee   Adults (26-62 years of age)  2,000 HUF
Students (6-26 years of age)/Senior (62-70 years of age) 1,000 HUF 
Adults with family (arriving with one or more

children, 6-18 years)

1,800 HUF 
Children (6-18 years of age, in case 1 or

more children in family)

700 HUF
Skanzen Card
Adults 5,000HUF
Students (6-26 years of age) 2,500HUF
Seniors (62-70 years of age) 1,250HUF
Museum vehicles fees
Skanzen train Daily ticket/ 500 HUF

Child train ticket at weekend (3-

14 years of age, in case of 1 or

more children)

200 HUF
Student group train ticket 200 HUF
Skanzen Bike rental fee for a day 600 HUF
Skanzen Scooter rental fee for a day 600 HUF
Skanzen Pull Cart rental fee for a day 900HUF
Parking fee
Car 900 HUF
Bus 1,200 HUF
Jogging pass 2,500 HUF


Half price discount for:

• under 26 years

• over 62 years

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Thematic exhibitons

Our thematic exhibitions, located in some parts of the permanent exhibition, showcases exhibits of special themes. The topics provide additional historical information related to the exhibition's...
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Temporary exhibitions

Besides the main exhibition of the different regional units, from time to time we offer temporary exhibitions to different topics connected to the life on the countryside.