The museum provides exciting programmes every months of the year. Easter, Whitsun, St Martin’s Day – you shouldn’t miss the Skanzen.
Szerző: 2015. február 04.

             Hussar camp, weekend of the Revolution in 1848 - 15 March 2017

             Easter – 16-17 April 2017

             50th birthday celebration of Skanzen – 1 May 2017

             Whitsun Heritage Festival – 4-5 June 2017

             Children’s Skanzen – 25 June 2017

             II. Skanzen Run – 16 July 2017

             Weekend of motifs – 19-20 August 2017

             IV.  Meeting of Carpathian-Basin's Dance House Musicians – 2 September 2017

             ‘56 - life on countryside during the revolution – 21-23 October 2017

             Festival of the Goose and New Wine on St. Martin’s Day – 11-12 November 2017




Whitsun Easter Pentecost Saint Martin's Day festivals

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Skanzen Train

Our normal-gauge railway is the longest among the museum railways in Europe. It has five handicapable stops which provide easy access for people with wheelchairs, or for families with baby carriage.