Hey 67 - Temporary exhibition

The HEY 67! temporary exhibition takes you to a journey to the world where the museum was born. Open until end of 2018.
Szerző: Skanzen 2018. március 17.

HEY 67!

The World Where The Museum Was Born


The 1960s were the decade of shifts that took place in the way of life, the era of value- and cultural revolution. The sixties mean something different in the west and in the east of Europe.




In Hungary after the 1956 revolution and freedom fight the reconstruction of the state-socialist regime was taking place, the settling accounts with political dissenters, then the divestment of private property in agriculture (setting up collectives on the bases of the Soviet example), the exclusion of those discriminated went on, their lives were practically made impossible. After the 1963 amnesty a gradual political thaw began, plans to reform the economy were made, also a kind of openness emerged in intellectual life, but only within the political system. Well, it did not last long, it had been over by the mid-70s. János Kádár and his regime in his own special way repeated the fifties with some corrections and reforms.


Within the possibilities of the regime the Hungarian society in the sixties could open up in terms of space and time, too. People could have their first passport to visit the west and the work on understanding the past also started and traditions were reclaimed. The ‘intoxicating experience of the reclaimed little freedoms’ (Rainer M. János) uplifted a generation.


In this atmosphere, a new museum emerged in ethnographic museology, and this is when the history of the Hungarian Skanzen began. The establishment of the Skanzen was a central decision, and its top-down approach was entwined with the politically minded use of folk tradition.


Our exhibition focuses on the world in which the Museum was established. This changing world and society are showcased here that characterised rural Hungary half a century ago.


Curated by: dr. Zsolt Sári

Visiting time: 12th June 2017 - 11th November 2018 in the opening times of the museum.

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